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Holstera (Did You Know)

Freebird  (The Bird is the Word)


8 years total law enforcement experience, worked for large and small departments and federal. He left and he and his wife started a business. He also makes 3D designs. 

He enjoys McRibs (McPossums), wearing yoga pants and looking up useless information and sharing it with everyone (Lord Help Us) 

He is married with 3 kids we think and has several dogs .

Contact Holstera:

CHAD 2.png

Worked as a reserve deputy putting in all his time free of charge.

He enjoys LSU Football, Whiskey, and Pickle Juice (GROSS). He loves looking in the mirror at his always HARD nipples, and sorry he is not single.

Contact :

The Box  (What is Inside)

BOX 1.jpeg

Has 25 years of  law enforcement experience and, national SRO certified. He is a certified Glock Armorer 

He enjoys riding his spider and spending as much time as he can with his son.

Contact :

Big Red

Duke The Dog


Duke The Dog is the Official Mascot Dog  of  the podcast, he is about 6 to 7 years old and he is a mixed breed of, we don't have a clue. We were dog sitting  for the stepson and well that was over 5 years ago, so he is mine now.

Duke enjoys sniffing ass and licking his balls and gummy bears and bacon flavored treats. 

He does make his sometimes appearance on the show.

Untitledbig red_edited.jpg

Big Red has been in law enforcement for 9 years, he is a certified Glock Armorer. He always wanted to be in law enforcement since he was a kid and loves the job and the pride he gets from helping others.


He is 34 yrs old and married with children and enjoys hunting, fishing , and camping. He also likes trying to get in a word in between the rest of the Krewe that won't shut up.

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